I am running to make all voices heard and to unite our community. Vote Julie Jordan for Georgia House District 179!


Julie’s Platform

Quality Affordable Healthcare

Everyone has the right to affordable and quality healthcare and it should not be a financial burden for any family. We must expand access to quality and affordable healthcare in Glynn County. This includes supporting an expansion of Medicaid to increase healthcare access. I support programs that ensure that our most vulnerable neighbors have access to quality healthcare.

Economic Development and Living Wage

HD 179 is a diverse and vibrant district that is home to people from across the economic and cultural spectrum, and to businesses that range from large beach resorts to family-owned small businesses and retailers. Our residents deserve access to quality employment that pays a fair, living wage. We must provide a business climate that retains existing business and attracts new businesses to create job opportunities for all residents.

Preserving Coastal Georgia

Coastal Georgia is a special place to call home and we must commit to preserve and protect it. This includes banning any and all forms of offshore drilling and seismic testing. We must ensure the health and safety of our native wildlife, our marshes and work proactively to prepare for rising sea levels and climate change. All of the residents of Glynn County deserve clean air and water without having to worry about superfund sites in their neighborhoods.


Our community deserves the best K-12 schools, as well as access to free, universal pre-K at their neighborhood schools. We must fight for HOPE to ensure that all Georgians have access to the best college and technical training opportunities. Our families will succeed when the quality of our schools continues to improve, and businesses will continue to grow and relocate here if we have a well-trained workforce.

Public Transportation

Access to public transit is a missing link between our communities and it hinders the district’s quality of life and economic competitiveness. A robust, efficient, and comprehensive transit network would mean access to a greater variety of jobs – which means less money spent on child care, and increased economic stability for families in Glynn County.

Sensible Gun Legislation

The time has come for the state legislature to take strategic action to reduce gun violence and gun-related deaths in Georgia. High-capacity assault weapons and bump stocks serve no purpose other than to arm someone with the ability to kill high numbers of people in a short period of time. I value the rights of responsible gun owners to continue being able to purchase and maintain firearms intended for hunting and personal safety. However, we must restrict the sale of certain types of firearms and improve the way we license and regulate gun ownership.

Human Rights and Equality

There is no room in our state for inequality or discrimination. I will always promote the rights of Georgians to be treated fairly and equally in the eyes of the law and I will fight discriminatory legislation disguised as religious freedom referendums.


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